Zwolle – Arnhem

Rough Stuff along the IJssel

Along the IJssel from Zwolle to Arnhem there’s a fantastic mix of different landscapes, views, roads and surfaces. White gravel farmroads alternate with beautiful old cobblestone-roads which lead to even older castles. There’s dense forest, some open windy stuff along the river, but also loads of reminders of the cold war era, when they were building a defense line along the IJssel. The route takes you along some Hanseatic cities; Zwolle, Deventer, Zutphen. Some of the oldest cities in The Netherlands.

After crossing the IJssel in Zutphen you’ll quickly end up around the Veluwe; a big national park on a moraine wich makes it quite hilly, for Dutch standards at least. The landscape here is quite different; heathers, pine forests and even some shifting sand make up for one of the best places to ride your bike. Even better; there’s miles and miles of gravel.