Oerend hard in de Achterhoek

De Achterhoek. As one of the most rural areas in The Netherlands, it’s mostly farmland , open fields and small villages. There is however a dense forest right on a small hill; Montferland. This might be one of the best areas to ride a bike in the Netherlands, and it might even be better for gravelbikes. There’s lots of bordercrossing into Germany, it’s quiet, there’s an amazing amount of beautiful gravelroads, and the people are some of the most friendly found in the Netherlands.

Germany is right around the corner, and there’s loads of nice roads and views there as well.

The view on Hoch-Elten is always stunning. There’s also a beautiful gravel-climb up the old moraine, which goes up to 80 meters.

The area is very rural, and the locals are genuinely nice people.

The are is full of old castles and windmills as well. In fact; they even have the oldest windmill in the Netherlands!

Definitely grab some lunch or coffee while you’re there. You’ll probably get a local ‘kruidenbitter’, a spiced strong alcoholic beverage, next to it as well. Tastes great, and good for the morale. Proost!

See you in the Achterhoek!