Today is one of the few times I’ll be doing a double portrait. But when you have two great guys like Frits Groeneveld and Martijn de Frankrijker running one hell of a bar focused on cyclists together you know you have to!

Frits and Martijn met about 6 years ago when Frits was working as a manager at a local music venue and movie theater in Apeldoorn. Martijn came in for a job interview and Frits hired him on the spot. Fast forward to 2016, when Frits decided to open his own bar and he just had to hire Martijn again. Martijn quit his job at Podium Gigant and reclaimed his spot as Frits’ right hand man.

Next to their love for the finer things in life, like great wines and craft beer, they’re both into cycling. Although Frits used to ride quite a lot, nowadays he just can’t find the time but he loves to watch races. He sees cycling as one of the last sports where the athletes still push themselves to the extreme. Guys riding their bicycle into the ground for three weeks straight are nothing short of heroes. Period.

Martijn doesn’t watch every race and still thinks Teejay van Garderen is going places (to Frits’ amusement) but he does find the time to ride. He started a couple of years ago when he got a mountainbike as a birthday present, but nowadays he rides a road bike too. For him the best part of riding is the freedom of going anywhere you want and relying on nothing else then some good old muscle power to get you there. Going downhill with speeds above 50 km/h using just your legs (although gravity certainly helps) is one of the greatest feelings, he finds.

Because they both love cycling they wanted to bring that back at Wijnbar & Tapperij Den Olifant. That’s why Martijn came up with the idea to become and official ‘Kwaremont Koerse Kaffee’. Kwaremont Bier, a Belgium craft beer inspired by one of the classic cobble clims in Flanders, is using ‘Koerse Kaffees’ to give riders something to look for when searching for a pitstop. They’re the bars where you know you can go to watch a race, change a tire and get something great to drink while you’re at it.